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  • 威尼斯真人在线娱乐明升体育真人在线娱乐

    Introduction video of Zhenfa

    Zhenfa New Energy Science &Technology company was founded in 2004, we had been committed to the development of photovoltaic industry terminal application market over the years. Zhenfa insist on the photovoltaic power generation road of the combine between the economic and social benefits, the development footprint throughout both at home and abroad af...

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  • 真人在线棋牌娱乐大富翁娱乐真人在线棋牌

    【Feb 27th,2014 China Net“China Talk” 】 Exclusive interview president Mr Zha Zhengfa-Exploring the new mode  of PV

    Solar energy is the cleanest energy on earth, innovation is especially important in the large-scale development and utilization of solar energy. Now, the desert PV ecological plants with science and technology advantage have appeared on the northwest desert of China, and show the economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits. China Talk i...

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  • 【20131030 CCTV 明升体育真人在线娱乐澳门普京娱乐真人在线看片

    【20131030 CCTV <Live News Studio>】 Report on Zhenfa New Energy Jianhu

    On Oct 30th2013, CCTV financial channel ”Live News Studio” went to the Zhenfa New Energy’s pv power station which located in Jianhu county Yancheng city Jiangsu province ,in view of the photovoltaic industry development in the exploration of clean energy and realize the positive role of energy saving and emission reduction, they gave hig...

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  • 真人在线娱乐bg大游真人在线娱乐

    201312 Sina 《Wuxi Businessman》:The Invisible King of PV Power Plant

    He founded the domestic leader enterprise in PV end-market by himself; He believes firmly that New Energy has a promising future. During the interview of Mr. Zha, so many soul-stirring and inspiring stories in his chase for the Solar over the past decade were mentioned by him lightly. However, when we think back, we can figure out his low profi...

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  • 恒丰真人在线娱乐正规网站网上网投真人在线娱乐平台

    Zhenfa Dingbian 50MW Solar Plant has been connected with the Grid

    On Dec 27th, 2013, the 50MW Solar Plant which is invested and built by Zhenfa New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd has been connected with the Grid successfully. As the largest Solar Plant Project in Shaanxi Province, social media,e.g. SXTVS, YLWLTV, YLRB, IFENG, etc has reported on this event particularly, and some famous websites in the industry...

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  • 娱乐棋牌真人在线彩票娱乐场真人在线

    Desertification control sample projects

    On November 12, 2013, the State Environmental Protection Department commended zhenfa new energy in Gulang County of the recently finished building a 500MW solar power station phase II works on "industrial sand-" new model. Recently, the road in Gulang County of wuwei city, Gansu province is located in the beach forest zhenfa new energy of the desert area of North Gulang County, 500MW solar power station phase II project has been completed, this c...

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